Rocket of connection


Most probably you know the Tintin comic books. One of those comic books was entitled: ”Destination Moon”, of which the first edition was published in 1953.


Was it pure fantasy, originating from the brain of the cartoonist/writer? Was it his foresight, or his creative spirit, which induced him to note down this story? The fact of the matter is that 16 years later, on 21 July 1969, man first set foot on the moon.


Meanwhile we have advanced much further in time and now we have an entirely different idea when we hear the word “rocket”. The days when rockets only heralded progress for humankind are far behind us.


As a visual artist I want to make a statement: I want to take up and renew the concept of rocket from the comic book and position it differently. My rocket’s function is one of growth, positive and forward-looking. For me this is a rocket that has neither land, nor state, nor religion, nor a final destination. A rocket that travels far beyond the meaning in the comic book from 1953. This rocket is terrestrial, an art work no less than 6 metres tall. Since the launch of the comic we have travelled 63 years on. It is high time for a change.


In order to gain insight, great things also call for an overview. Just like an astronaut’s perspective from his rocket yields a vast overview of the world from above. A rocket view gives you another point of view; a scope through which separation, cooperation, groups or any kind of relations become fully visible. It is an approach that extends beyond 3D. It involves looking how others and yourself are functioning in this day and age and space. Anyone who looks at and experiences things with a rocket view, creates a world in 5D for themselves. A world that is observed from this perspective requires a change in efforts. Greater efforts than ever before.

A new attitude that concerns us all, each and every one of us.


This way-of-looking-inside generates a new identity, which is greater than the word I. Even greater than you and me together. Anyone who ventures to look from this rocket, will see that religions hardly connect, will see that today’s political systems spread discord rather than leading to connections. This rocket is the symbol of new opportunities for our current plight. A view of the world at large. Rocket of connection provides us with the opportunity of a new world for and of all of us. A world of different politics. A world in which democracy may develop into sociocracy. A world of disappearing religions.


The search for this new, future world resulted in this work of art: ”Rocket of connection”. As a statement and contribution in aid of humankind, who and what we are at this juncture, in the year 2016. A symbol to show where we could grow. We can only be connected and at once recognise our own inner world, where divineness and diabolical behaviour coexist and suffer.

So get on board, climb the rocket of connection. Setting out for a world with a bright future.


Sjaak Smetsers, Venlo, May 2016